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This tribe is meant to serve as a discussion board for people who spin meteor. A sister resource to this tribe can be found at so check it out. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Meteors and Rope Darts make to order  topic
What kind of meteors to you guys have?  topic
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Home of Poi Discount  topic
Rotors  topic
A place for meteor on Facebook  topic
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Creating New Meteor. . . Technical Questions. . .  topic
Shortening your Meteor while Spinning  topic
How thick is your rope?  topic
Meteor Tutorial: Weave Variations  topic
A Treat for you all. . .videos!  topic
Rope->Chain  topic
contact meteor and heaviness  topic
New Vid  topic
[Double meteor] Tangles  topic
Wiki Updates  topic
Meteor Documenation Wiki  topic
Location, location, location  topic
[single meteor] Flowers  topic
My First Meteor Vid  topic
Meteor Terminology  topic
[single meteor] 5 beat weave  topic

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